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Faddis Concrete

Here is a picture of a concrete plant we recently enclosed in King George, Virginia. Faddis Concrete contracted Rhodenizer Construction to enclose an existing concrete plant. Since we are an authorized dealer for Ceco.

Building Systems, this was the most cost effective form of construction for a building that needed to be 28′-0″ long x 35′-0″ wide and 43′-0″ tall. If you would be interested in discussing a pre-engineered metal building for your own needs, please feel free to contact us.

Commercial Construction Leads to Facility Maintenance

W&R Maintenance LogoCommercial Construction can be a very rewarding profession. There is a sense of pride and accomplishment when finishing a construction project; whether it be a renovation of an existing building, addition or

new construction. Including retail spaces, restaurants, warehouses, medical office buildings or an industrial facility.

Although, sometimes it can be difficult detaching yourself from a client or organization after a successful construction project. It is easy to become vested in our customer’s success since we are such a large part of getting them up and running. We always try to provide service to them after initial construction phase of their business.

Last year

we realized one of the best ways to provide ongoing service to our client is facility maintenance. This led us to launch our facility maintenance division, W&R Maintenance. What better way to continue a relationship and help clients build a successful business by taking away the worry of facility maintenance. Our clients are in the business of selling goods and providing services, not finding someone to do odd jobs around their building like HVAC system preventative maintenance, fixing a leaky roof or the annoying dripping faucet.

Let W&R Maintenance, the company that already knows your company inside and out, help maintain your facility.