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Need A Summer Getaway From The Insects?

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. Which means we are all wanting to enjoy the outdoors again. Soon we will all be having back-yard barbecues with friends and neighbors or simply just

relaxing on the back porch and watching the sunset.


is also a favorite time for most insects. Soon, they will all return to our back-yards and try to drive us back inside.

Why not take control of your back porch and screen it in. Call Rhodenizer Construction today to keep the bugs from bugging you!

Seasonal Tips

Fall is my favorite season of the year but this means winter is just around the corner. Fall is a good time to go out and inspect

the exterior of your house before the more severe weather that harms our houses arrives. Visually inspect the painted areas for cracking and flaking. If these signs exist, prompt maintenance needs to be performed to prevent the deterioration of the wood. Scrape all loose and cracked paint then prep these areas with a primer and apply a good quality paint. Preventive maintenance is always cheaper than structural repairs.