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A Proud V-3 Certified Company

Rhodenizer Construction Company has just recently become certified in the V-3 (Virginia Values Veterans) Program. This organization focuses on training employers to recognize the best way in recruiting, hiring, and retaining highly-skilled and dependable Veterans. Rhodenizer Construction expects to hire four new employees in Virginia and we intend to hire as many Veterans in Virginia as achievable. We are excited to work alongside the V-3 Program and helping increase jobs for our veterans.


Resources: https://dvsv3.com/

TruckVault, Inc.

TruckVault, Inc. will be opening a manufacturing operation in Mount Jackson that will provide up to 60 jobs. This company is a Washington-based manufacturer of in-vehicle equipment storage units and these units are made-to-order to fit in the customers’ vehicles. Several states competed to be TruckVault’s first manufacturing facility outside of Washington. This could open doors to other opportunities down the road. Rhodenizer Construction did a complete renovation of the property’s office spaces and manufacturing facility. The Shenandoah Valley is excited to welcome TruckVault with open arms and is excited to see what the future holds.    

Stoneyman Valley Ranch

Stoneyman Valley Ranch is one of our current projects, located in beautiful Luray, Virginia. This facility will be a wedding venue consisting of a larger rustic barn known as the “Chandelier Barn” which will have a climate controlled interior as well as ADA accessibility for clients and guests. The building is a large rustic Timber Frame structure constructed our of Western Fur. The interior will include a large open wedding venue; Bridal Room, loft for Groomsmen to relax including ADA male and female restrooms and amenities. Owners Tom and Diane Hirsch will begin booking for weddings and special events this fall in the Chandelier Barn. Which offers guests a rustic and elegant experience to share with family and friends.

For any further information concerning reservations you can find them on Facebook and Instagram as well as their website shown below.


Rocktown Family Dental Care

Rocktown Family Dental Care was a unique job for Rhodenizer Construction and the Harrisonburg area. By working alongside Dr. Joan Anderson and Patterson Dental in achieving their desire for an open floor plan and keeping cost to a minimum; Rhodenizer was able to accomplish their goals in a timely fashion while still delivering a quality product.

At the start of the project, an open floor plan for a dental office was a new trend. With the large amount of medical gas lines, air lines, electrical and data wiring that needed to be incorporated into each cabinet, chair and center console made it a challenge to keep an open feel to the office. By removing the concrete floor, trenches were dug and all of the pipes and wires were installed below the finished floor. By running the lines underground, it eliminated the need for bulkheads and created the wide open feel.

To complete a job that was unique, while satisfying the customer and achieving their goals is gratifying to Rhodenizer Construction.