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Burn Boot Camp

Burn Boot Camp wanted a place where women can come to improve their health and wellness. It’s one of their 26 locations, you can find them at 4063 Quarles Court in Rockingham which was the first one in Virginia. Burn Boot isn’t a place that just feels like a gym, but more like of a family gathering. This place inspires women in their everyday life. Rhodenizer came in and did a complete renovation of the interior building, including an additional restroom facility. They poured new concrete slabs, installed new fixtures, and applied new materials. They were able to create a place a functional place that could inspire women to become their true self and get in shape.

Next Level Athletic Department



Bringing something new to the Shenandoah Valley…..

Next Level Athletic department is a rapidly growing business and it was time to make a change; Not only in facilities, but also in services. Owner, Mike Martin was looking to find a space not only to accommodate his training facility, but to add an indoor turf field. The turf gets used during the day to broaden his training techniques beyond the weight room and for an indoor soccer league in the evenings.

With the help of Rhodenizer Construction, he made this happen. Rhodenizer came in, demolished walls, added walls, prepped the facility to receive the new field, and updated the facility to pass all building codes. A new door was added, walls were painted and flooring was applied to give the outdated warehouse a fresh new look.

If you have an idea for your business, contact Rhodenizer Construction and we’ll help you turn your idea into a reality.

Is It Time to Update Your Showroom?

Take a look around. When you scan around your current showroom, do you think how nice and eye catching it is? When your customers step through the door, do they take a step back and have a look of awe on their face or do they grimace? Are they impressed with the clean and neat atmosphere or is it to cluttered to notice new items displayed?

The showroom is the ‘gateway’ to your business. No need for a customer to enter and see something cluttered or out of date.

Do you have a few ideas of how you would like it to look and have that ‘WOW’ factor?

A few simple ideas can give your office a fresh look. One may be a new accent wall that not only divides your showroom from the day-to-day business. The dividing wall would provide an excellent place for some new merchandise shelving or racks. Other ideas to brighten your showroom is a new coat of paint or changing the light fixtures to a more modern look. Think of adding more modern lighting such as directional lighting that points toward the logo on a wall or highlighting certain products. Update the countertop at the reception area and go with a Corian, granite, or a new laminate top instead of the outdated laminate top.

Rhodenizer Construction Company is the answer to all of these questions. Call us

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woes and help you increase foot traffic in your business and will ultimately improve your bottom line.