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Does your business need a new entrance door? Are your doors ADA-compliant? It’s important to make sure your business is safe and secure for your everyday customers. Rhodenizer Construction can install replacement doors in your school, office building, store, hospital, manufacturing industry, and other commercial buildings. You can choose from a verity of styles like Store Front, Fire Rated, ADA Compliant Entrance Doors, and Overhead Doors. Recently our customers have been requesting automatic door openers for their places of business. The easy push pad makes a heavy door seem light when it opens, especially for elderly or people with disabilities. The DORMA ED900 Swing Door operator; is quiet, safe, and easy to use. Young children or elderly persons with disabilities are able to open doors with none or minimum help. This door is ADA-compliant, and it opens at a controlled speed. Make your entrance and restroom doors meet ADA standards. It’s important to make sure your business meets guidelines for accessibility. If you are interested in installing a new or upgrading an existing door, fill free to contact us. We guarantee that we will provide a high level of service that you deserve.

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August 22, 2019