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Rocktown Family Dental Care

Rocktown Family Dental Care was a unique job for Rhodenizer Construction and the Harrisonburg area. By working alongside Dr. Joan Anderson and Patterson Dental in achieving their desire for an open floor plan and keeping cost to a minimum; Rhodenizer was able to accomplish their goals in a timely fashion while still delivering a quality product.

At the start of the project, an open floor plan for a dental office was a new trend. With the large amount of medical gas lines, air lines, electrical and data wiring that needed to be incorporated into each cabinet, chair and center console made it a challenge to keep an open feel to the office. By removing the concrete floor, trenches were dug and all of the pipes and wires were installed below the finished floor. By running the lines underground, it eliminated the need for bulkheads and created the wide open feel.

To complete a job that was unique, while satisfying the customer and achieving their goals is gratifying to Rhodenizer Construction.



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